case study

Wormald is a sixth generation Maryland family with deep regional roots, and generations of building experience. Founded over 50 years ago in Potomac, Maryland, Wormald Homes’ success is built upon two strong pillars: an uncommon spirited focus on unique signature designs that inspire the way we live and a genuine passion for the details that make up a well built home. 

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SMG decided to showcase a “community experience” rather than simply filming homes with a hand-held and drone. Not only filming various homes from above but the surrounding community amenities within the mixed-use-development

We decided to take our project a step further and applied special effects to our footage please see below.


We were hired to clarify the Wormald Homes’ positioning, purpose, and the customers they serve. We had to create an asset that encompassed the entire community’s values and aesthetic within a few minutes of video.