We take a distinctive approach to digital branding and social media management. It isn’t just about “likes” and “followers,” but rather interacting with your current customers and delivering engaging content to your ideal, potentially untapped customer demographic. Unlike most social media marketing companies,we don’t develop social strategies for our clients just because “everyone needs Facebook.” There is an end goal for every marketing campaign, and we develop a custom strategy for each client, setting clear expectations and over-delivering. Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or simply create a rich, active online community, Social Millennials can help.



It’s possible you’ve already put in the work to build a healthy following offline and provide your customers with what they want. Maybe you’re just starting out, learning the ropes and trying to find those who need what you offer. Maybe you already have a raging fan base on the Internet, but just don’t know how to communicate with them. How do you get them in your door and increase sales?

Strategic community building is at the core of what we do at Social Millennials. Social media consulting and social media management services are our flagship product, and as a part of our social media strategy, we provide ideas and action-steps to bring your offline community to your online space and keep them coming back for more. From in-store signage, to full integration of your social media marketing campaigns, communications and online presence, we will convert every customer into a fan or follower, allowing you to benefit from repeat business.



As a part of our social media marketing strategy, we will craft a branded message, grouping messages and objectives with ad strategies that engage and create customers, while developing a personality for your brand and carrying a cohesive tone throughout your campaigns.

No one knows your brand voice as well as you, which is why our team will work directly with you, helping to define your online personality, and differentiating your tone from the tone of your competitors’. We also listen to how your customers communicate and, in turn, use the appropriate diction and sentence structure that appeals to them.

We interact with your customers through thick and thin. What if an angry customer comments on your Facebook photo? What if an employee mistakenly posts from your business account? What if another company hijacks your hashtag? Your time is valuable. As a social media marketing firm, we will help you develop and implement a response strategy strategy that maintains your company’s voice and leaves you free to manage your business.

A brand voice shouldn’t be fixed. When keeping pace with your audience and working across new channels, communicating in fresh new ways is key. All businesses, organizations and causes should strive for a conversational, friendly tone that expresses personality.


One of the most powerful ways to leverage online marketing is to integrate your tactics to create a cohesive, professional message for your customers.

When working with social media clients, Social Millennial Group believes in tailoring all online marketing work to benefit the brand’s owned social media platforms, considering the impact of SEO, paid advertising and social efforts as a collective whole, rather than individual tactics. This helps you develop and grow content on your websites, which provides a longer life cycle and has the potential to continue bringing new customers to your business through social and content marketing strategies.

One of the most powerful ways to leverage online marketing is to integrate your tactics to create a cohesive, professional message for your customers.


Upon signing on with Social Millennial Group, we will give you a complete social media evaluation and provide your business with an in-depth overview of your industry on social media. We will identify your top competitors and like-minded businesses to dissect the effectiveness of their strategies and create a competitive analysis based on topics relevantto your business.

Then, we provide an analysis of the opportunities network by network, with specific messaging strategies for each, based on the conversations that are already taking place on that network. We will advise you on which networks to leverage and which to avoid. We will provide insight into gaining the engagement and affection of the customers using those valuable networks.

Our complete range of digital marketing services will put your branded campaign above the competition. Please feel free to contact us to for a free consultation to see how Social Millennial Group can implement these strategies so your business can start achieving the results you desire.