Riptide Music Group is a mashup of a music publishing company, sync house and digital label.  A trusted and established music partner for the major entertainment companies and Fortune 500 brands, Riptide is a leader in the placement of music to picture. They have partnered with Sentric Music Group to provide global publishing administration and royalty collection. Adopting industry-innovating technology has enhanced their international infrastructure to include direct royalty collection in over 100 territories.  Their administration is second to none, enabling partners to seamlessly collect royalties globally from a single, online platform.

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Syncing and licensing is truly an industry unknown. Therefore, making it appealing to millions of people on social media is a task for the ambitious.

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SMG wanted to set Riptide Music Group apart from the other boring and mundane syncing and licensing companies in Hollywood and New York. In doing this we knew that we had to emphasize on their differences by creating series of motion graphics for all the placements they got with major entertainment companies and Fortune 500 brands.

We also wanted to introduce the online world to Riptide in an intimate and personal way. So we also flew out to Los Angeles to film:

  • Full Interviews (Audio & Visual)

  • Music Videos

  • Company Events

  • B-Roll