Eric upholds a sense of professionalism and punctuality that is second to none, which is why he is in charge of our administrative team. Find an aesthetically pleasing email in your inbox? Maybe an informative post on a shared social media platform? Have you received a detailed analytic report for your social media ad campaigns or your website's SEO? It's more than likely that Eric was behind it. He's more than capable, but most importantly he's completely at your service.


An active airman in the United States Air Force, Tanner attained her bachelors in data base analytics while facilitating cyber security for the greatest country in the world. With her poise, leadership, and project management skills Tanner sees that everything and everyone on our team executes with a sense of professionalism and cyber safety.



With experience in iOS app development (UX/UI design), graphic designing, credentials in mixed media and visual arts (Art Institute of Los Angeles), email marketing, sales funnel engineering, and website development  (just to name a few skill sets), Jo is ready and willing to execute any online or mobile marketing task you may present. 






Proficient in Paint software on Mac Book

Photoshop CS6®

iMovie Editor®

After Effects ®

Go Pro® filming and editing

Social media campaigning

X-code *iOS (Novice)

User Interface/ User Experience Mobile Design

Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Access)

Desktop trouble shooting (VPN)

Canon T2i (HD Camera)

Hootsuite Automation

Onlypult Automation

 Twitter Analytics

Facebook Analytics

Snapchat Geo-filters

Facebook Advertisements

Instagram Analytics

Youtube Analytics


App Store Optimization



•    Wharton University of Pennsylvania "Viral Marketing Course"

    •    Boise State University Bachelors: Media

    •    Executive A&R Chair (Confidential)

    •    Enterprise Technologies Technology Institute

    •    Mixed Media 101 UMBC 2010

    •    Digital Royalty "Personal Branding" Course

    •    Montgomery County Community College

    •    Master of Arts (M.A.) in Broadcast Journalism

    •    iOS Programming

    •    Landmark Forums "Leadership" Course

    •    Foundr "How to get your first 10,000 followers." Course

    •    Art Institute of Los Angeles (Media and Visual Arts)

    •    United States Air Force Cyber Security (Classified)


Inquiries about any of the services listed below should be sent to

    •    Ad writing.

    •    Content A/B testing

    •    Posting A/B testing

    •    Canvas urban areas and gather video footage/ photos to convert into social content.

    •    Website development.

    •    Video editing.

    •    Elaborative script preparation for informative company videos. 

    •    Online outsourcing preparation, coordination, and complete transactions.

    •    Clear and communicative facilitation of company values, quality, and service via social media posts.

    •    Strategic hashtag searches and implementation.

    •    Peak time posting. 

    •    Custom design and creation of memes, posts, and quotes.

    •    Account activity analytics.

    •    Follow/ follower ratio maintenance.

    •    Follower/ fan outreach and relations.

    •    Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ad campaign launch and maintenance 

    •    Wireframe design (Both admin and user portals)

    •    Storyboard creation (Both admin and user portals)

    •    User experience trajectory(Both admin and user portals)

    •    Event coordination                                       

    •    Custom design and creation of memes, posts, and quotes.

    •    Coordinated, scheduled, and published photoshoots.

    •    Account activity analytics.

    •    Follow/ follower ratio maintenance.

    •    Follower/ fan outreach and relations.

    •    Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ad campaign launch and maintenance

    •    Filming