Helping today’s leading brands acquire customers using cutting-edge ads and social media targeting.

Here at Social Millennial Group we design striking marketing materials and digital content for brands and PR agencies. Then we advise our clients on how to effectively distribute their ads on social media. Our customers know the difference between quantity and quality, between trends and long-lasting impact. That’s why we take pride in the work we do; because it’s an honor to be their choice!

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Social Millennial Group® is a full-service social media ad design agency. We assist in public relations on and offline, as well as social media marketing consultation. We specialize in crafting aesthetically pleasing imagery, high-profile social media relations, and cutting-edge marketing tactics. We utilize our social media ads as tools to communicate your brand's core values, products, and services. We work one-on-one with clients to develop and execute dynamic social media and influencer-marketing strategies designed to increase their brand awareness and elevate their online presence on platforms including Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Augmented Reality. 


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Ashley Banks

Washington DC/ Los Angeles CA

Marketing Director

Ashley upholds a sense of professionalism and punctuality that is second to none, which is why she is in charge of our marketing team. As the driving force behind every ad campaign, Ashley is able to showcase brands, personalities, and products in cutting-edge ways that takes them beyond their full potential. 

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Isaiah Clark

Atlanta GA

Cyber Security Administrator

An active airman in the United States Air Force, Isaiah attained his bachelors in data base analytics while facilitating cyber security for the greatest country in the world. With his poise, leadership, and project management skills Isaiah sees that everything and everyone on our team executes with a sense of professionalism and cyber safety.


Jo Clark

Washington D.C.

Creative Director

With experience in iOS app development (UX/UI design), graphic designing, credentials in mixed media and visual arts (Art Institute of Los Angeles), email marketing, sales funnel engineering, and website development  (just to name a few skill sets), Jo is ready and willing to execute any online or mobile marketing task you may present.