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Social Millennial Group is the go-to integrated digital B2C and B2B consulting/ PR agency in Washington DC and Los Angeles for emerging innovators and industry leaders in Tech, Consumer Products, Fashion, Restaurant Franchises and VIP Brands. If you’re seeking to build a trusted brand or expand your market share, we’re the right choice. Just check out the representative client roster of companies that engaged Social Millennial Group to help them maximize their brand velocity.

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Creating beautiful content that emphasizes your brand’s strengths and core values is merely a supplemental service we provide on top of ad-targeting and social media management. UI/UX design, content management (CMS) integration, custom Squarespace sites, inbound lead generation and fully-responsive retina-friendly interfaces. By-line article generation and outsourced placement, crisis management, advertising campaigns and social media. Written content development, content strategy, social media planning and execution, on-going written content generation for SEO improvement, ad copy and campaign strategy.



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