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In Oxnard, California-there is a single Papa Johns location serving a 39.2 square mile radius in which includes a Naval Base. This location is part of an 8-location bundle that spawns out to Los Angeles County owned by a small group who's aim is taking better ingredients, better pizzas, and creating a better business by improving the quality of service, products and customer experience to feed an increasing share of the fast casual dining market. While other companies use preservatives and fillers to make the cheapest product possible, they use the freshest, lab-tested, quality-assured ingredients to make the best pizza you can buy. 

Restructuring, re-ordering, and revising a business is not necessarily a negative action! In fact, it can increase the excitement and passion your employees need for your brand to achieve its highest level of brand awareness, consumer satisfaction, and success (this includes the increase in weekly bottom lines to daily employee productivity). For example, aside from even resigning a business' interior to increase productivity and product quality-we also reach out to your online and offline community using non traditional avenues by thinking in ways that matter to your audience. The Dallas Cowboys NFL team has traveled nearly 1,500 miles (from Dallas to 62 miles north of Los Angeles) for the last 8 or more seasons to facilitate their training camp in Oxnard. Papa Johns Pizza has been the official pizza of the NFL since 2010. The sponsorship means they can use NFL logos and trademarks, including the NFL shield logo in advertising and marketing prohibiting other pizza chains from doing so. Having a strong foundation and knowledge of these facts to hold the power to connect this single Oxnard location and this National Football League's Dallas Cowboys Training Camp is just a tiny bite of our extra large marketing pizza pie.

Social Millennial Group has the tools to keep your audience engaged by overseeing the creation of content, setting objectives, constructive planning, frigid budgeting, sensitive recruiting and training staff, even developing facilities- in short managing the resources needed to drive engagement and generate leads implementing actual campaigns that connect your B2C-and even B2B.