Khris Lorenz Work.png


Grammy Award Winning

Khris Lorenz a.k.a. Lyloh is a Grammy Award winning multi-platinum producer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer based Los Angeles by way of France. He’s worked with an array of titans within the music industry such as: Ziggy Marley, 3OH!3, and Guy Sebastian. With an ever-growing portfolio, striking and innovative sound, and an unquenched hunger for greatness, Khris is poised to be on of EDM’s brightest stars.


Riptide Music Group, a leading synchronization, rights management and creative company that provides music to advertising, movie trailers, TV programming and promos, major motion pictures, video games and multimedia productions, has joined forces with leading dance music label Armada Music for sync representation in the U.S.  They needed cover art for their first single on the Royal Sharx label, ‘Riot!’ coming straight from the hand of debut artist Lyloh. 


SMG served Khris Lorenz by creating a one-of-a-kind graphic for his debut single “Riot!”. Khris communicated that he wanted something fun, cartoonish, and refreshing for his cover so we created several ideas for him and came up with two drafts. Working with Khris is always a pleasure and we’ve been creating dozens of assets for him since.


Final Draft

We came up with this draft of “Riot!” under the creative direction of Khris himself. We went with this approach to satisfy Khris’ desire for a cartoonish feel by spelling out the song name in balloon lettering. We added a realistic tone to the cover art by adding reflections and realistic balloon strings as accents.


First Draft

Under the direction of Riptide Music Group’s CEO Keatly Haldeman, we were instructed to create a paradoxical cover art for Khris Lorenz’s lead single “Riot!”. The work you see here was inspired by Banksy’s “Rage, Flower Thrower”. Although Khris was impressed with this first draft, he wanted something less dramatic and intense; and something more fun and refreshing, so we went back to the drawing boards.


Armada Music Uses Design for Single Realease

Riptide launched a new label imprint under Armada Music called ‘Royal Sharx’. The first single on the Royal Sharx label, ‘Riot!’ comes from the hand of debut artist Lyloh. ‘Riot!’ is an edgy, French house track reminiscent of J.U.S.T.I.C.E., and is a perfect representation of the sound of the label. Lyloh and Riptide came to Social Multimedia Group to create a fun and refreshing design to encompass the feel of the track. We were, and still are honored to be the agency tasked with the responsibility of creating their very first debut single.


Lyloh feat. Emery Kelly

After 5 years of development and testing, the Beckford Bar is now available to the public. The goal was to develop the most efficient way to keep the upper body in shape. They spent 18 months studying the motion of the body, then reverse engineered that motion into a single, fluid, movement.