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Businesses Benefit from Social Media Marketing on Facebook

As time progresses; forms of communication, commerce, monetary transactions, and advertising change.  With that said, there is one force dominating today's advertisement industry: social media. We all know this because you (like me) likely check your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds several times a day. Well, guess what? Your customers do the same.

E-Commerce Business:

If you are an e-commerce business you definitely know how important it is to have people talking about your brand. Social media is a great way to make that happen – in fact, 80% of purchases are supported  by information that is found on Facebook.

Important Recommendation: Did you know that you can create a remarketing campaign on Facebook?  You only need to create an AdRoll account, create a list of 1,000 visitors and create your ads! This remarketing campaign is a fantastic way to build your e-commerce business.

Physical Retail Stores: 

Attracting your local audience is fundamental to getting in-store traffic. Facebook can be helpful to target precise geographic locations together with your ideal target group. Make sure to set up a strong campaign and engage your audience on a daily basis for lasting results.

Important Recommendation: If you want to promote special offers your best strategy is to first generate a good-sized audience via a “Like Ad” campaign. Once that’s done, you will be able to promote posts on your page or boosting your existing posts to reach out to an even bigger audience.

Mass Coverage:

You know your audience, you have a clear idea of your target location, and you have an awesome product or service. All you are missing is good mass targeted coverage. Facebook is the perfect way to go. It is cheaper than AdWords on a per click basis and delivers your message right to the people you want!

Important Recommendation: If your goal is to generate brand awareness use  “Like Ad” campaigns or promote your posts. If your goal is to get people to your website, create a standard ad and pay Facebook each time a user lands on your website.


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