SMG is a content creation company with PR capabilities. We specialize in creating striking multimedia formatted for social platforms and then distribute the content on high-profile media outlets online.



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Influence is in you, not on you!

Creating “scroll-stopping” content is only half of the fun. After your campaign materials are prepared, we utilize our resources and relationships to get your brand seen on a high-profile media outlet on social.



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We work with brands that progress. To us, designing marketing materials is about expressing a company’s core values and identity.

We have a robust tool set capable of producing your ideal social media aesthetic. Our team can meet and conquer any challenge. Design services range from logo and product design to motion graphics for infomercials.



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If pictures are worth a thousand words, then what’s the value of a video?

On social, community and communication are key. Utilizing video to communicate your company’s personality to your community is a guaranteed way to gain organic engagement and long-term retention.