Helping today’s leading brands acquire and convert followers into customers with cutting-edge content creation and social media advertisement.



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Creating beautiful content that emphasizes your brand’s strengths and core values is merely a supplemental service we provide on top of ad-targeting and social media management. UI/UX design, content management (CMS) integration, custom Squarespace sites, inbound lead generation and fully-responsive retina-friendly interfaces. By-line article generation and outsourced placement, crisis management, advertising campaigns and social media. Written content development, content strategy, social media planning and execution, on-going written content generation for SEO improvement, ad copy and campaign strategy.



Striking "magazine-quality" ads at your use to convey your company benefits and core values on a visually driven platform.


Facebook Benefits Include:

Captivating and striking ads fused with  verbal copy to convey your brand's messages and core values.



Twitter Benefits Include:

Access to a verified Twitter account with an "A-list" following and over 20,000 followers to convey you brand's services and core values. 

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Sustaining an effective brand reputation while converting your followers interest into profit-driven engagement is a cumbersome task in this fast paced world like today’s. Our three-step process seems simple at first glance but it's a strategic and stream-lined effort to convert your fans into followers, and your followers into customers! Our method is triedtested, and true. We utilize only the most advanced and cutting-edge methodologies, technologies, and social media marketing trends of advertising on the most valuable real estate on earth today, your customer's mobile device!

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Real world examples of entrepreneurs using Social Millennial Group to grow their social media and brand reputation, and how different companies see high ROI's and real followers from our growth services! Charts included.

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For any venture to excel, timely reciprocation to engagement plays a very vital role. Social Media is different from branding via newspapers, television and radio where one can expect results after a period of time. But, for Social Media Optimization to excel the turn around time should be quick. A Blog Post, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook campaigning should be operated as per the stipulated time of delivery or leads.


The first step to engage real-time leads for a business is to attract community and not directly sell your business to the customers. Deliver great content and information and focus on building a community before monetary gains. We help brands do this by creating a value-rich surplus of aesthetically pleasing content that not only informs their customer base, but positions them as experts in their field. 


Social Media is all about community building and your target audience getting interested in your brand and its value. For instance: A potential customer should walk up to any given business rather than the opposite happening. Social Proofing is immensely necessary for engagement and building an organic collection of hot-leads. The mainstream perception lies on the fact that where there are more people, there's better business.


Graphics Fit For a Fortune 500 Company

"When I first heard about Social Millennials , they can tell you that I admitted to being nervous. I wasn't sure if it would work for me, but I also thought what do I have to lose? So I went ahead and gave it a try. My experience  has been cutting edge. From the tools the use, to their approach and strategy. Jo you're the man! Millennials you rock! "


ABOUT DIRIPIO FASHION HOUSE: Dirpio Fashion House is based out of the Washington DC and Los Angeles CA. Their encrypted apparel is one of a kind and appeals to both spectators and the one’s wearing their product. Since 2012 Sinead and his team managed to market and sell his product to the likes of celebrities, athletes, and entertainers both domestically and abroad. With the highest quality of merchandise, they pride themselves in always delivering top notch, well fitting, and  cutting edge fashion and luxury accessories; and are poised to take the luxury street wear industry by storm.

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Polish Your Presence on Social Media

"Since I've hired Social Millennials, my merchandise sales have increased and I'm getting more commission requests. They increased my exposure tenfold, Jo is committed to his firm's results and service. When he asked me to rate my experience I gave him 5 out of 5 stars easily !"


ABOUT HANNAH SANFORD: A true Visual Process Professional who delights in using unique combination of analytic and creative skills to design effective artistic solutions and develop innovative processes. Along with her quiet, natural leadership style, all these experiences - and many more! - have developed her into a unique blend of structured, logical, organized scientist and open, free-flowing, creative artist that together provides you with the best of both worlds in her role as your Visual Process Professional.